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I also have a separate blog dedicated solely to the tv series 'Castle'.


For Jensen, what is your favourite Sam iteration and for Jared, what is your favourite Dean iteration? ()

"I think Cas would approach the birthday party of a 9-year-old girl with same intensity as Apocalyptic events… The thing about Cas is that he doesn’t really have a barometer in the same way… To him, everything is important."
—Misha at Vancon 2014 (x)

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"I have no name.”

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Arthur and Karen being Arthur and Karen. 

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Jeremy looks awesome here

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Do you know what your sin is ? [1/3]

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(insp. by many other gifsets of the same sort)


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I’m gonna die.

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Confident Castle is confident! ;)

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#me in class when i get the answer wrong

#Me every day of my life

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